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» Lesson Plans
Instructional materials on the subject of Internment in Hawai’i. Satisfies certain Hawai‘i Content & Performance Standards III benchmarks.
» Internment Timeline
See an online timeline depicting local and global events related to Internment in Hawai‘i.
» Resource Folder
230 page resource of primary source materials regarding the internment of Japanese in Hawai‘i
» History of the Internment in Hawai‘i
A brief overview of the Hawai‘i internment story, written by historian Brian Niiya, JCCH Director of Program Development.
» The Hawai‘i Internment Project
Accomplishments of this JCCH project of ten years+ have produced useful services for teachers and students.


On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked by both naval and air forces belonging to the Japanese Empire. As a result of these attacks, 1,875 Hawai’i residents of Japanese ancestry were eventually detained in War Relocation Authority Camps and Department of Justice Internment Camps.

While the mass incarceration of the Japanese on the U.S. West Coast was widely documented, little is known about the Hawai‘i internees and their experience.

Surprised at the lack of such information on these unjustly incarcerated Hawai‘i residents, the Resource Center at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i set out to collect documentation, first-hand accounts and artifacts from the internees to help history come alive for today’s community.

Compiled by the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i, funded in part by an Education through Cultural & Historical Organizations (ECHO) grant, this site showcases resources that document the history of the Japanese Internment experience within the islands of Hawai‘i.